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Born 1998, withers 161 cm.
1.10,7a, 1.12,2am, 1.12,6l
20.254.374 SEK
63 32-8-3


Gigant Neo bred 160 fillies during 2005.
80 in Italy at Allevamenti Toniatti and
80 at Staro International.
Gigant Neo was retired early in the 2006 season and belonged to the most
popular sires in Europe with
about 300 mares bred. Gigant Neo is very popular by breeders both in Italy
and Sweden, as the mare owners often book Gigant Neo again. In 2007 Gigant
Neo will only be standing in Sweden.


Gigant Neo raced 13 times as a 3-year-old and won 10 races.
In his fourth start he was timed in 13,8/1640 meter when he won Oktan Sunds race at Solvalla. He also won Vårfavoriten at Solvalla.
He finished first in elimination and final of Open E3 raced over 2140 meter. In the final he was timed in new world record of 1.14,2a/2140 and won with six lengths.
In the elimination of Svenskt Trav Kriterium he beat From Above but In the final he was second.
The earnings as 3 was 2.482.000 SEK.

The 4-year-old season earnings was 4.460.717 SEK, when he made
16 starts took 12 wins and 4 seconds!

Gigant Neo beat Scarlet Knight in Konung Gustaf V:s Pokal at Åby in new world record 1.12,7a/2140!
He was second in Sprintermästaren, Derby and Breeders Crown final.
He won four semi-classiques races at Vincennes, France in the end of the 4-year-old campaign.

Gigant Neo was third in Prix d'Amerique as a 5-year-old. During the french wintermeeting Gigant Neo earned over 3,5 million SEK and won 3 times. Among his victories was Grand Criterium de Vitesse.

As 6-year-old Gigant Neo was timed in new record 1.10,7.

As 7-year-old the wintermeeting in France became a great success for Gigant Neo,
when he was the most successful Swedishbred trotter of all.
He opened to be fourth in two of the "B-races" before Prix d'Amerique.
Gigant Neo was then second in the Prix d'Amerique 2005 behind Jag de Bellouet and was fourth in Prix de France and third in Prix de Paris.
Gigant Neo also raced in Italy 2005,
when he won Gran Premio Costa Azzurra in Turin, Italy in the new track-record in 1.12,0a/1600 meters.

Gigant Neo crowned his career by winning Prix d'Amerique 2006 as an 8-year-old and he then took a second in Prix de France in 1.11,7a/2100
meters before he was finally retired.



Super Bowl

Star's Pride

Pillow Talk

Arnie's Likeness

Arnie Almahurst

Picture Dart


Speedy Crown

Speedy Scot

Missile Toe

Countess Advocate

Speedy Count

Lovie Hanover


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Gigant Neo 2:a i Prix d'Amerique bakom Jag de Bellouet
Gigant Neo second in i Prix d'Amerique 2005 behind Jag de Bellouet.
(Photo Tarzan)

Gigant Neo 2:a i Prix d'Amerique bakom Jag de Bellouet
Gigant Neo

Gigant Neo 2:a i Prix d'Amerique bakom Jag de Bellouet
Gigant Neo